Sunday, 26 June 2011

More brains...

Yep, I'm pretty much fully focussed on ZOMBIES 2 at the moment, which is pushing all other projects into the background sadly, but it'll be worth it.
This week I've completed two one-pagers of my own, amended the lettering on one strip and lettered another from scratch. We are keen to get ZOMBIES 2 listed in PREVIEWS as soon as we can, and certainly the aim is to do so before the end of the year. It's not far of to be honest as I've received almost all contributions now. I will however have to draw a line at the end of July and close the door, otherwise we'll never get this thing done. So please give me an update if I've not got your work as yet.

My Maker & I gets a good plug in Episode 82 of the Tales From The Parent's Basement podcast, which is appreciated as always. TFTPB can be accessed through iTunes, and Doc Zane's INDIE 500 is must listening if you are into Independent Comics. It does mention quite a few UK comics in there, as well as others from across the globe. I recommend you having a pen and paper to hand when you listen though as there's a lot of really interesting stuff out there and Doc covers a lot of them in each episode.

Sunday, 19 June 2011

ZOMBIES and stuff.

We seem to have been a little quiet at the moment, which isn't say that we're not busy behind the scenes, in fact it usually means that things are a bit hectic and I've not managed to find time to blog.
Worry not, ZOMBIES 2 is still being built and it's looking (amazingly) even better than the first one, our intention is to have this printed and in shops before the end of the year, although the PREDATORS Diamond listing moving to July has challenged that, we are still aiming for ZOMBIES 2 to hit the stores as soon as possible.
If you are a contributor, and I've not received your finished pages then please send me an update as I will be closing the book on it very soon and getting the image files to Andy Bloor so he can build the print files as soon as possible.
On another note, I've now finished my Wolfmen 3 script update and Andy has it is his possession. It just involved a couple of additional lines that Andy correctly pointed out would add to the story.

A project going on behind the scenes, which is an anthology with a difference is also gathering steam. I've finished the first draft of my story and sent it to the editor (which for once isn't me ;o), so I'll wait for his comments. Once this project matures a bit we'll share more information with you all, don't want to jinx things as it is a pretty challenging thing to take on.

All that's left to report is that Colin, Owen and I have been invited to the Bromley Literary Festival on the 2nd July. We'll be there for just the one day and we'll be helping youngster create their very own comic books, and looking for future contributors no doubt. Check out more about this event over on their website.