Monday, 29 August 2011

PREDATORS hit the Birmingham Comicon.

It's been a lean year for Accent UK with regards UK Comic Conventions. With one thing or another, clashing dates with MOCCA and Library commitments, we just seem to have missed out on them all. So it was great to be able to make the Birmingham Comicon, the little sister of BICS, on Saturday. B.C. would also be the first Comic Convention to see our troubled PREDATORS anthology, which was to be printed and collected the week before. The book seemed to have been really cursed though as Friday passed and no books were delivered. Fortunately for us though we use UKOMICS and Stuart promised to have some boxes couriered to the venue on the Saturday morning, and true to his word they were there waiting for us.

and very nice they look too ... oh ... and the smell .... anyway ... where was I?

Me, Owen Johnson and Tony Hitchman B.C. is very much the little sister of BICS. It was a one day event, had a smaller list of stars and consequently a small attendence. We sold a good number of comics but nothing like the numbers we sold at BICS.Kris Kenway and Colin
So, was it a good event ?
Andy Bloor pondering the question... Was B.C a good event?
Absolutely. As is typical at these events we got to speak to a good number of Accent UK contributors about current projects. We got to speak to a number of potential contributors and maybe some one shot creators. We spoke to people who enjoy reading our books and were very happy to see PREDATORS at last, Colin read some comics...Colin reads comic.

I attended an Independent Comics Panel and talked about Accent UK and how difficult it is to get comics out there. This conversation moved into the world of digital comics (and if you are interested in following up on LUSH comics then there's a link top right of this page) and it was interesting to see people clinging on to the past. Best of all though, we got to see the smile on Ken Mullins' face as he picked up a copy of PREDATORS sporting his amazing cover art.

Cover artist Kev Mullins ... a happy man. Yep. A great day.

Next Con for us is Thought Bubble in Leeds, a two day event.
Thanks mostly to my daughter for taking the photos. Jemma has discovered that the sure way of not appearing on any is to keep hold of the camera and point it at other people.

If you are a contributor to PREDATORS and didn't pick up a copy at B.C. then email me your address and I'll pop your contributor copy in the post.

Sunday, 14 August 2011

Birmingham Comicon 2011

Accent UK have a table at this year's Birmingham Comicon, on August 27th. Yep, only a couple of weeks away.

We will have copies of PREDATORS for sale and look forward to discussing forthcoming projects with readers and creators alike. If you've been itching to see your work published, or just fancy seeing your work in one of our anthologies, then by all means pop along to our table and show us your portfolios.

The table will be manned by myself, Colin, Andy and Owen Johnson this year, and we hope to see some other Accent UK regulars on the day. If you're a PREDATORS contributor then be sure to stop by and collect your free copy of the book itself, and sign my copy.

Thursday, 4 August 2011

PREDATORS have made it ...

Great news ... PREDATORS has finally made it into PREVIEWS.
Following a few months of problems at Diamond, with new staff etc, our latest anthology, PREDATORS is in issue 275 of PREVIEWS (August cover date) on page 224.

A great cover image from Kev Mullins with overall design by Andy Bloor accompanies the blurb by Colin, and it all looks very nice indeed.

We'll be going to print over the next week, and will be launching the book at the Birmingham Comics event at the end of August.