Thursday, 4 August 2011

PREDATORS have made it ...

Great news ... PREDATORS has finally made it into PREVIEWS.
Following a few months of problems at Diamond, with new staff etc, our latest anthology, PREDATORS is in issue 275 of PREVIEWS (August cover date) on page 224.

A great cover image from Kev Mullins with overall design by Andy Bloor accompanies the blurb by Colin, and it all looks very nice indeed.

We'll be going to print over the next week, and will be launching the book at the Birmingham Comics event at the end of August.


  1. Corkin'.
    I hope to be there, so obviously I'll be a hoverin'.

  2. Sweet, can't wait to get my copies

  3. Brilliant news. Very much looking forward to seeing this 'in the flesh', so to speak!

  4. Cheers everyone ... I can't wait to get this one out there. It seems to have taken an age, but it'll be worth it.
    Dave W