Sunday, 20 January 2013

UK ON DISPLAY Issue 2 now available.

Issue 2 of the new Independent Comics catalogue is now available (see post below for details).
and we have a double page spread of Accent UK titles on offer.
This is a great opportunity for Independent comic publishers to get their works in front of people who are looking to buy things that are typically not available in their local store, and if they are then they're ordered in such small quantities then they're not on the shelves for very long.
I was surprised last week to come across this...

all the more so as I know, from a visit to our house where my daughter placed Pearl (her pet rat) on Colin's shoulder and he froze with a startled expression on his face. Maybe it's Colin confronting his phobia... maybe I'll ask him one day..


  1. Yep, this is the secret book I've kept you in the dark about. All about facing ones fears really, a bit like you and those Twilight movies!

  2. When I saw this book I was reminded of the old Yellow Pages advert, the one with the old bloke trying to track down his book on Fly Fishing ... J.R.Hartley. Fear not Colin, you can stop phoning the bookstores of this land now ... I have your book for you and will give it to you when we next get together.
    Twilight movies are a lot darker and deeper than they seem ... well ... they have to be really, don't they.