Sunday, 1 May 2016

Two new releases from Accent UK.

It's unusual for Accent UK to release two books within a few weeks of each other but that's what's happened with the releases of Colin's Moments Of Adventure and my Stephenson's Robot - issue 3.
Moments of Adventure collects a number of Colin's out of print stories, previously published in Accent UK anthologies. Each tale has been re-lettered and also coloured by either Matt Soffe or  Aljosa Tomic to wonderful effect.
Launched at this weekend's Granite City Comic Con in Aberdeen this is Colin's first published comic for a few years now...
and will be followed by his remastered (and coloured) Zulu, previously printed in two issues.
The Zulu Graphic Novel will also contain a new strip, created specially for the book.
As is traditional now, I've modified a Lego figure to accompany the Moments of Adventure comic.
Stephenson's Robot Issue 3 continues the story of an alternate history steampunk tale, set predominantly in World War 1...

...which as usual will be accompanied by a Tarot card, this time around it's Beauty, to reflect this issue's back story.
And of course a modified Lego figure for the table at Conventions.


  1. Ha! Ha! Love the Lego figure Dave thanks, it has taken me a while hasn't it! Looking forward to seeing Stephenson's Robot's adventures continuing in issue 3 too 😃

  2. Glad you like it Colin ... the Zulu one is going to be a challenge I think ...