Sunday, 24 April 2011

The Multiverse and other stuff...

Well I received my copy of Multiverse Issue 2 through the post and it has a great double page spread of an interview with myself about The Fall Of The Wolfmen, and also other things I'm working on, or have produced recently.

It really is great to see a Comics Magazine cover a range of titles and creators, from mainstream professionals to us Independent publishers and creators. I hope they do more but I guess that'll depend on them getting feedback on this issue, so if might be worth writing them a letter requesting more 'Independent UK' coverage... if it helps sell copies then they'll make sure they keep it up and there're a lot of great things happening in the UK Independent comic scene deserving of a wider profile.

As I'm on Wolfmen, I came across this review whilst surfing the net (do we still use that phrase or am I showing my age), and the excellent Small Press Big Mouth podcast have reviewed both Wolfmen issues and over on Andy Bloor's blog you can see a new coloured version of the alternate limited edition Fall Of The Wolfmen cover, coloured by the very talented Matt Soffe who is also colouring 'My Maker & I' an uncoming comic from Owen Johnson and Dan Duncan, which is going to blow everybody away.

And back to Wolfmen... I've just sent Andy the first draft of Wolfmen 3, which concludes things and will be appropriately titled 'The Last Of The Wolfmen'. It'll go through some revisions as we collaborate to get it right, and then it'll be down to Andy to work his magic and bring it to gritty life.

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