Friday, 1 April 2011

One Week Until Mocca.

In one week's time we will be sitting, or standing, at our Stall at this year's Mocca event in New York. We've tried to get a table at this event for a couple of years now and at last we've been successful. Having never been to New York before this is doubly exciting for me, and I can't wait. Last year we did the Emerald City Con in Seattle and this year we're trying Mocca, and we fully intend to do a Con in the USA every year.
We will be in a small corner of the event that is taken over by UK creators, so we'll be amongst friends, and are looking to sell more comics than we buy, a challenge I know. The great news is that The Man Of Glass creator, Martin Flink, will also be at the Con with a lot of his Danish friends, we're looking forward to a few beers with Martin and talking about his next project.
I'll be packing my bags soon, sorting out stock and checking my passport is valid for about the tenth time. Can't wait :o)

Thanks again to Scott Mathieson, who will also be coming with us to Mocca, for this photo of Accent UK stock on the shelf of the Traveling Man store in Manchester. Scott's photographic skills have improved a lot since his last efforts, and he has now been promoted to Accent UK's Official Photographer... sadly there's no money in it though.


  1. Loved meeting you guys and loved the Wolfman and Fastest Man Alive comics!!!! I'm def. gonna pass them on!

  2. Hi Moe, I've just arrived back in the UK, I'm not sure what day my body and mind think it is but it sure isn't the same as everybody else, except maybe Colin. We had a great time at Mocca and it was great to meet you.
    I really enjoyed your 'Manny The Bot!' comic, and am still amazed that you produced it as quickly as you did. Your style reminds me a little of Mike Kunkel, who did that 'Herobear and the Kid' comic a while back, a very nice style that effortlessly crosses the adult/child reader boundary.
    Keep in touch, and let me know if you'd like to contribute to one of our future anthologies.
    I'm really glad you enjoyed The Wolfmen and Fastest Man comics ... makes me feel a little less guilty about the table-shuffling that took place on Saturday morning...