Sunday, 3 July 2011

July's PREVIEWS...

Well, sad to say that Diamond again failed to list PREDATORS in the latest issue of PREVIEWS. It's nothing personal, they've just gone through some changes in personel in the USA and it appears that the transition has resulted in UK books being overlooked, again. It's not just AccentUK books that have suffered apparently.
Diamond UK have been very apologetic, and have promised the do everything that they can to get the book listed in the next PREVIEWS, so look out for it in August's edition.
Because of the delay, we've decided to print ahead of Diamond numbers, so that we can make sure the book can be launched at this years Thought Bubble event in Leeds, and Andy is just making a few very minor adjustments (perfectionist that he is) before sending the files off to the printers this week (or early next).


  1. Is this just a one off thing, or is gonna happen with the Zombies 2 book as well, d'ya reckon?

  2. I seem to be having trouble adding a comment to my own blog ... sigh ...

  3. OK .. not sure what's going on ...

    I'm sure all will be back to normal with the August shipping issue of PREVIEWS Gary ... nothing will stop the march of the ZOMBIES :o)
    Dave W