Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Wolfmen Reviews.

A great review of both of our Wolfmen books has been posted up on

Comics Anonymous is not a website I've come across before, but it has some interesting reviews up there.


  1. Good review. You and Andy should be well pleased.

  2. Thanks Gary ... I'm always happy when someone enjoys out books ... makes it all worth while ...

  3. Hello, Mr. West. I'm a brazilian penciller and i'm a big fan of comic books - any comic books. I just want to say that i read Whatever Happened To The World's Fastest Man last night. I've bought two weeks ago in a brazilian comic book convention cause i've heard a lot that was a really good comic book. And, man... What a comic!!!! That was something!!!! Awesome!!! Congratulations for you and for Marleen Lowe and for everyone on the AccentUk Comics! I hope Publisher Gal brings to Brazil The Wolfmen and other titles. Keed up the good work! Regards.
    Wendell Cavalcanti
    P.S.: Sorry for my english. I'm still working on it.

  4. Thanks Wendell, it still amazes me that we have comic books of ours translated and available in Brazil. ZOMBIES is an anthology of ours that Gal Editora have also translated and is now available I believe.
    We have discussed The Wolfmen with Gal Editora and they are very interested. Once we've completed the third and final chapter I'm hoping that it will also see a Brazilian edition.
    That's some impressive artwork on your blog by the way... you should contact Gal Editora yourself and get involved in their projects.
    .. and please don't apologise for your English .. it's way better than my Brazilian Portuguese.
    Dave West