Sunday, 29 January 2012

Manchester Mart, Robot Shorts and all that jazz.

They've arrived. Robot Shorts have been delivered and once again MPG Biddles have done a great job. Of course they were working from Andy Bloor's files and his design on the book, but you never know how things are going to turn out until you have the book in your hands. And it looks fab. Steve Holder's artwork will be new to most of you and you'll be very impressed. The book will be on sale at Cons but I'll see if I can manage to update the new Accent UK website and make it available for purchase through there as well.
Last weekends Manchester Mart was pretty successful. We didn't take any Accent UK stock to sell, the aim being to shift some of our own collections, which we both did a pretty good job of. Chris Doherty popped in we had an update on what he's up to. Video Nasties can now be purchased in complete collected form through Lulu at

which is great, and is well worth the purchase.

I met up with Owen Johnson during the week, he was on his way from the North to the South and Manchester was somewhere in the middle. Had a great lunch discussing Thaddeus Mist and how we promote it. Lots to do but the whole 'marketing' thing is something we need to improve at.

In other news, ZOMBIES, which is sold out in printed copy, will soon be available through Lush Comics for digital download to a whole heap of different devices. If you're an Indie publisher/creator and would like an introduction to Justin at Lush then just let me know. It's great to have your books available digitally.


  1. The owner's manual-style cover looks great!

  2. Thanks ... Andy Bloor worked his magic on the cover and overall design .. I couldn't be happier with the end product.

  3. Thanks Gary ... we're all really proud of it. Thanks again for the great pin-up.

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  5. Thanks .. it's nice to know that you found our site of interest ... hope the RSS thing works ... it's hard to keep up with all this technology stuff.