Saturday, 14 January 2012

Who On Earth Was Thaddeus Mist ?

This year, against a backdrop of the normal anthologies andone shots, we are foccusing a lot of our efforts on a new type of collaborative book for us. A concept anthology that allows different creative teams to play a part in the telling of a larger story. It's a very challenging venture for us and needs a lot of work behind the scenes ensuring the scripts, created by different writers, work together in a way that doesn't jar the reader, but also doesn't become repetative. Also the art, whilst demonstrating the style and talent of the repsective artists, must ensure a degree of consistency to central characters.
Yep, a lot of work, which is why we got Owen Johnson to edit the book.

Why am I posting about it now ?

Despite us starting this quite a few months ago, Owen has now got things to the point where all the scripts are complete, and work together, and all the artists have confirmed their committment to the project.

What's it all about ?

At the funeral of a mysterious and enigmatic gentleman, newly-wed Zelda Mist mourns for the husband she never knew, for Thaddeus Mist kept a life-time of secrets. In her grief she approaches each funeral guest to discover details of the strange life he lived.
As they each tell the tale of Thaddeus Mist their flawed memories and individual imaginations shape their stories into mundane fictions and fantastical truths. These accounts disgust, scare, entertain, and inspire her in equal measure, but it falls to Mrs. Mist to decided which version of the tales was the one lived by her late husband. So... Who On Earth Was Thaddeus Mist?

Owen has pulled together a great list of writers and artists, oh and of course I muscled my way in there ...

Conor Boyle
Dave West
Ben Dickson
Max Deacon
Andrew Cheverton
Mark Douglas
Jim Schwitzer
Marleen Lowe
Aidan Mountford
M D Penman
Steven Howard
Nicola Patten
Jack Tempest
Rhys L Reed
With Concept designs by Mal Earl.

.. and the whole book will be lettered by Jim Campbell, which is great news. So, this book is going to be a different beast from anything we’ve attempted before, a sprawling Gothic (graphic) novel crafted by a team of creators working together to build a monstrous new universe to fall into. Work is well underway, and with luck we should be able to release this rabid hound into the light of day in the near future.

We’re all very proud of it, and will be sharing information about it at the conventions we attend…but not too much information. If we’ve learned anything from Thaddeus Mist it’s never to reveal your hand before it’s played – and to preserve a little enigma at all costs.

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