Sunday, 22 April 2012

Comiket Report

This is just a quick write-up of what was a another great little Con in deepest darkest London. It has to be brief I'm afraid as I'm in the middle of sorting out what to take to next weekend's Mocca event in New York... yep ... I know ... it's no real hardship...
The day just flew by, from the moment Paul Gravett opened things, with Tom Gauld at the drawing table (see above) to the final call for customers to leave (at around 6.10pm)with everything going pretty much to plan, well except for my headbutting a glass door on the way out of a cafe that is.
We sold about the same as at the last Comika event, which is always a good sign, and spent the day chatting about comics to readers and creators alike.
The first outing for my new Robot Shorts book saw it sell well and the One-Eyed-Robot on the table certainly helped draw attention to our efforts... a shame I can't risk taking him to the US next week, I doubt he'd get through the scanners as he has all sorts of bits and pieces of metal inside.
As always it was great to catch up with friends, and nice to meet Becky Bagley for the first time. Becky contributed a pin-up to the Robot Shorts book, and was selling her new (to me anyway) books (as well as Tick), both of which I purchased and have now read ... impressive stuff.
Our thanks go out to the organisers, and I'm sure it's more than just Paul Gravett as it takes a lot of effort to organise something that went so well, and also to everyone who stopped by our table.
Looking forward to the next one ...


  1. Cool dude..looking forward to seeing you guys next week!

  2. Yep ... looking forward to catching up and seeing what you've produced since last year ... and New York ... a great place to visit.