Thursday, 20 December 2012


This announcement has reached me from Stuart Gould of UKCOMICS :-

''Hello to everyone involved in COMIC BOOKS which includes Writers, Artists, Colorists, Letterers, Publishers, Stores, Editors, Commentators, Reviewers and most importantly the Buyers & Readers. Here at UK COMICS CREATIVE we are proud to announce the completion and launch of UK ON DISPLAY - our NEW CATALOGUE which is now available to purchase from
The Catalogue will be making its way into Comic Book Shops, Book Shops and other outlets over the course of the next few weeks and we are busy completing our ONLINE STORE which should be live early January.
You can now ORDER titles within the Catalogue by using the ORDER FORM on the site.
We'd love to hear from as many of you as possible. We will be compiling issue 3 in January. Our initial intention is to print 4 Catalogues per annum with a NEW MAGAZINE popping up in between. We will actively market all titles throughout each month and issue a monthly update to include new titles as they publish. We will also be launching many other features including Art Prints, Hardcover Art Books, Event Management and COMICS BOOKS in SCHOOLS!
You can also visit for information on printing and publishing. We look forward to hearing from you. SUPPORT INDEPENDENT PUBLISHERS''.

Well Accent UK are certainly listing our books in the catalogues, it looks like a great opportunity to get our books into more hands across the country, and if you've met Stuart then you'll know that they don't come much more passionate than him about the genre.

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