Sunday, 9 December 2012

WesterNoir 2 is now available to purchase online...

If there's one problem with our new improved website, it's me.
As I go onto it so infrequently, that is when we publish a new book (about 3 times a year), I have trouble remembering how to update it.
We'll I think I've managed it now for WesterNoir #2, which can now be purchased at
... this issue will also be available digitally soon through LUSH Comics, alongside issue 1, and will be available through iBooks, iTunes apps and Android. I'll post an update when this is the case but all files are uploaded and are going through the acceptance process.
When I get stock of Missing - Have You Seen The Invisible Man? and Who On Earth Was Thaddeus Mist? I'll add these to the website as well. Should be in the next week or two.
Also, I've posted another panel from Stephenson's Robot (Issue 3) over on my other blog Strange Times.

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