Thursday, 6 August 2015

Reviews - Strange Times - Book 1

This appeared in SFX issue 200... although they got the 'FREE' bit wrong ... sadly.

Andrew Cheverton .... by email.

Anyway, as I never seem to get the time to praise Strange Times (and now, with broadband, I can write it all down here and now online for nowt)...

As someone who has, since taking total control of my comics under the Angry Candy name, always made the best effort in making small press comics as attractive as they can possibly be, I have to say that Strange Times is exactly the sort of comic package I wish more people would attempt (or, in some, nameless cases, bother to attempt).  A beautiful looking item, first and foremost.
I've mentioned how much I like your art, and here you use your innocent, cartoony style to tell serious and mature stories incredibly well.  It's not something that is easy to achieve, no matter how easy you make it look.  And the use of colour is excellently managed.
The writing of Strange Times is also a great leap forward; one of the most delightful things I've read in the UK small press, especially when the connections between the stories became clearer.
Despite all of our talk about printed books and Diamond distribution, I hope that you don't abandon the 'photocopied' comics.  Strange Times is the best looking, written and illustrated one I've read in an age.
I shall be first in line for #2 come Birmingham.

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