Sunday, 29 July 2012


Dave Kirkwood emailed me the following this week :-
''I am (amongst other things) working on 3hundredand65 a unique one-off project in aid of Teenage Cancer Trust. 365 people write one tweet each, their tweet is a contribution to a year long story written tweet by tweet and every day I make a drawing based on the tweet the end product is a single graphic novel written by 365 writers. The sketches are just first stage rough ideas which we'll adapt and work up next year when we write the full story. I've dropped a couple of images on to the end of this email starting with yesterday's. We didn't predict how quickly the project would grow. We've been in the national: ( Radio 6, Guardian Weekend ) press and local ( Breakfast Show, MEN ) and we currently appear on hundreds of blogs.
The 3hundredand65 idea came to me on December 30th last year and it's all been a bit of a whirlwind since then. I'm a designer not an illustrator I haven't drawn for over 20 years. I nearly lost my sight two years ago in a freak accident, Manchester Eye Hospital saved it, but I'm under the continuous threat of it going at any time. I started drawing sitting in the waiting room at the Eye Hospital one day and couldn't stop. For me it's about ideas and bringing characters to life. It's become a bit of an obsession so it's my channel swim if you like, without getting wet! I wrote a simple blog post about it here: ''.
This looks to be an incredibly ambitious and worthwhile project, that actually is more than 'just' the graphic novel mentioned above, and I've jumped at the chance to contribute a Tweet. Dave is looking for more contributors, so why not contact him and get involved. Also check out his blog for more up to date information.

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