Thursday, 5 July 2012

WesterNoir Review over on the Accent UK Comics Facebook group

Thought I'd post a review from Lazy Bones Studios' Ken Thomas that has been posted over on Facebook.
Gary asked for a non-spoiler review and Ken sure spades.
Cheers Ken....

WesterNoir by Dave West and Gary Crutchley. (Review)

I have always liked a good... western.........and loved a great western. Which brings us to WesterNoir. The hook was equally great between the Name as well as the Cover Art. All that was left was to actually read it.

Many a book are in my position with the intent to someday read. Unfortunate for most in that they will remain in that state of promise as titles like WesterNoir so easily claw their way to the front of the line.

To Mr. Crutchley & Mr. West I tip my hat in respect for a job not well done but rather extraordinarily so.

The tale WesterNoir is centered on a man, a hard man named Josiah Black. Josiah has spent his life on both sides of right and wrong. Some say Josiah's life has left his soul calloused with sin others say it is like his name, black & dead. In spite of his rugged spit in your eye disposition, it was always tempered with a sense of honor. A man of honor always pays his matter how great. These things are the essence of Josiah Black and are his driving force as that of the story.

This story works and plays out at a pace where you find yourself anxious to finish and turn to the page. My only regret is that I only have Book I and it has infected me with that itch, that question that begs to be answered "What happens next?"

Bravo mates, Ken (Lazy Bones)

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